Blue Devils News · Fall Sports Press Release


Brookville Schools Announce COVID-19  Athletic Attendance Policies

The Ohio Director of Public Health has released an order that Ohio schools could move forward with all fall sports.   In that order, is a wide assortment of safety protocols and attendance restrictions that all schools must follow.   This article is to inform you of the policies and procedures Brookville Schools will be instituting at our athletic events. Decisions have been made in collaboration with all SWBL schools and will be relatively consistent with our opponents.

The Athletic Department will not be accepting fall passes this season.  This will include any league pass or senior citizen pass (Golden Blue Devil).  Admission to any event will only be done through the purchase of a single game ticket.  

Pre-Event Self Symptom Assessment
All spectators should conduct a self-symptom check before attending any athletic event.  Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms as listed by the CDC should stay home.   

Tickets / Allotments
The Governor’s order has put restrictions on attendance at sporting venues. The SWBL has agreed on ticket allotments with a first priority to admit the families of athletes, cheerleaders and band members.  The order has put a limit on the number of spectators based on the maximum capacity of the schools’ venue.   As you can imagine this has created some difficult decisions schools must make.  Coaches will communicate to parents in advance of contests the allotment of tickets for that event.  The number of spectators allowed is dependent on the venue where the event is being held.   All tickets will be paid for at the gate with the exception of football.  Football tickets will be pre-sold to band, players, and cheerleaders the week leading up to the game. 

Social distancing must be maintained throughout the event. Families should sit together and maintain a minimum of 6ft from other individuals.  The order calls for seats to be marked indicating where families may sit.  Seating locations at Brookville events are marked with a taped X.  Families must sit together directly in the taped area.  This is why the sharing of tickets amongst families cannot be permitted.  This allows for easier contact tracing in the event it is needed.  Unfortunately, with restrictions being so tight there will not be a student section this fall.  Equally, the band will be moved to the end zone to facilitate the demands of social distancing.

Per the Governor’s order you are required to wear a cloth mask in our venues.  

Avoid congregating before or after the games in the school facilities (please meet your student athletes outside the stadium or school facility).  Spectators should leave the facility immediately after competition ends.

Live Streaming
We have worked quickly to bring those who are not able to get tickets to events, a live streamed option.  Understand, this is somewhat new to us.  Home games will be streamed on YouTube Live.  You can access these events by going to and then search for brookville athletics.  We plan to post the link to whatever streaming platform away opponents use on our school website in advance of those contests.  We will be reliant on our opponents to receive and share those links. 

School Grounds
We encourage those who want to see a contest to take advantage of the live stream option.  Unfortunately, Public Health Dayton Montgomery County has informed us that we are responsible for carrying out all public health orders on school grounds inside or outside the stadium.  Therefore measures will be taken to diminish the ability to watch contests from outside the stadium.  


We understand that many loyal Blue Devil fans are negatively impacted by this health order.  At the same time we feel fortunate that our student athletes are being given an opportunity to compete. We trust that you realize these orders are set by state agencies and out of our control.  We do intend to abide by the orders in an effort to keep our kids performing as long as possible.  If you have other questions contact our athletic offices at 937-833-9611.