Blue Devils News · Winter Sports Statement

Parents, Athletes, & Staff,

The purpose for this post today is to inform you of some of the general policies and procedures we will be instituting at our athletic events this winter. Decisions regarding winter events have been made in collaboration with all SWBL schools and will be consistent with our opponents. We will be the first to say this is not perfect and changes are possible moving forward as we get into the season. The Athletic Department is asking that you are flexible and respectful of these guidelines.

Pre-Event Self Symptom Assessment
All players, spectators, and event staff should conduct a self – symptom check before attending any athletic event. Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms as listed by the CDC should stay home.

Ticket Information
The Governor’s order remains in place with regards to attendance restrictions at all sporting events (15% of a venue’s maximum capacity). This will fluctuate depending on a couple factors including the venue in which our athletes are competing and the number of participants involved. The SWBL has agreed that ticket allotments for each school go towards admitting athletes’ families only. There will be no general admission to any events. Our goal remains to make sure we take care of our families to the best of our ability under the current order. Coaches will communicate through ParentSquare in advance of contests to notify families on the allotment of tickets for events and any other details that need to be shared.

Ticket purchasing this winter will be similar to how we conducted it in the fall where spectators will check in at the gate identifying the athlete they are associated with. Communication amongst families is important as to not exceed the allotted ticket limit. After exploring the option of going online with tickets we felt that the cost of the processing fees per ticket was a burden we did not want to pass on to our families at this time. We will look to potentially make that move next fall. Ticket allotments for home events will be communicated to families through their team ParentSquare group ahead of your first contest.

The Athletic Department will not be accepting winter passes this season. This will include any league pass or senior citizen pass (Golden Blue Devil). Admission to any event will only be done through the purchase of a single game ticket.

Social distancing must be maintained throughout the event. Families should sit together and maintain a minimum of 6ft from other individuals. Seats will be marked indicating where families may sit. Seating locations are marked with a taped X. Sit directly on the tape. Families must sit together. There will not be a student section this winter.

Gym Clearing
The gym will be cleared in between the 9/JV and varsity boys basketball games and JH Boys Basketball games.  All other home events the gym will not be cleared in between games. This will be consistent across the majority of SWBL member schools. Non-conference opponents may have different procedures we will need to adhere to. Again, in those cases, coaches will communicate those policies ahead of time to families who will be attending through ParentSquare.

Parents that would like to take their child at the conclusion of their contest can do so. They must fill out the Transportation Release Form ahead of time if it is an away game. This form can be found at Athletic Trip Release Form

Per the Governor’s order you are required to wear a cloth mask in our venues.

Avoid congregating before or after the games in the school facilities (please meet your student athletes outside the stadium or school facility). Spectators should leave the facility immediately after competition ends.

Live Stream
We are going to continue to live stream as many home contests as we can. Home events will be live streamed through the Brookville Athletics YouTube Channel for family and friends who are unable to attend. The Brookville Athletics YouTube Channel can be found at

In closing, I cannot say enough about our athletes, coaches, and fans who stepped outside their comfort zones to allow our fall athletes to complete their seasons. A great many things had to be sacrificed for that to happen and we are asking our fans this winter to continue to stay the course so we give those teams the same opportunity. Speaking candidly, we have a huge task ahead of us as we move indoors for winter months. I foresee us needing to be flexible especially as it relates to scheduling. As with all things that we are not accustomed to, we may have to change and modify some things as we go. We continue to ask our coaches, staff members, and caregivers to lead the way when it comes to modeling these guidelines and recommendations regardless of personal opinions. Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you have. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! Go Blue!